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Mizuno Running     Mezamashii Run Project


Mezamashii members so far


visits to the campaign site
Mizuno asked Leader to help launch its largest running campaign yet, The Mezamashii Run Project, with a complex digital execution. The project included a multi-tiered fulfillment site to distribute thousands of Mizuno running shoes and build a loyal brand following.
Our Solution:
Leader created a compelling digital experience through, featuring new brand imagery, full-screen stylized video, scrollable stop-animation, runner polling, social activity, a submit-a-Haiku component (with accompanying Facebook app), and a real-time, geo-accurate map displaying Mezamashii members across America. Mezamashii also landed placements in a wide range of publications.
The Mezamashii project is still growing and engaging consumers in a unique online experience. Within the first several weeks of the project, the website received 60,000+ visits and 30,000+ new members.