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Mizuno Running     A Brilliant Run


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Mizuno is guided by product development principles that are unwavering despite trends. With an industry caught up in a "minimalist" trend, the brand turned to Leader for a communication platform that would elevate the brand and explain why they hadn't jumped on the bandwagon.
Our Solution:
A Brilliant Run emerged from the question, what shoes would Einstein choose if he were a runner? The unified campaign that followed revitalized the "Wave Rider" franchise, driving sales to record levels. The campaign included events, retail displays, a campaign website, social media initiatives, sweepstakes, videos, and more.
Consumer and media feedback confirmed that the campaign offered an "unexpected tone" from Mizuno and that the brand, for the first time, told its story in an inventive, graceful fashion. The campaign included 71,900 website visits, nearly 4,000 sweepstakes entrants, and an average of 1,300 - 2,800 people talking about the campaign on Facebook each week during the promotion. On Twitter, @mizunorunning increased their followers by 217%. The campaign also boasted 24,000 YouTube views on the campaign website, nearly 6 million digital ad impressions, and a rate of 84% for videos viewed from beginning to end.