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GLOCK     GLOCK ID Social Platform


members and growing in less than 6 months

Over 12%

engagement across all members
With a rapidly growing fan base and evidence of exceptional brand loyalty, we saw the opportunity to develop a GLOCK "owned channel" for enthusiasts to share knowledge and improve their skills. This would bring GLOCK closer to their most loyal advocates and enable them to gain valuable consumer insights while rewarding their most loyal customers.
Our Solution:
Leader concepted and developed GLOCK ID to be the ultimate online community for GLOCK enthusiasts to rank up and earn tangible rewards through a comprehensive loyalty platform, all powered by user-generated content. GLOCK ID members can ask questions and give answers in Q&A format. The community upvotes and downvotes answers, which lead to points earned. Patches are awarded to members who complete online training programs and engage with the community. GLOCK ID members can also upload their arsenal into a secured online "SAFE" and track their range visits and last cleaning date. Members can even upload pictures of their targets for each handgun.
The GLOCK consumer is very engaged in GLOCK ID, as evidenced by our site statistics. Within the community, there have been 60,000+ questions asked, 100,000+ patches earned, and 70 million points earned. These numbers continue to grow as loyal GLOCK advocates further experience the content and features of the online community.