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General Mills     Totino's Get Behind the Wheel


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Leader partnered with General Mills to create an interactive online experience around the Daytona 500. Leader leveraged emerging technology to create an exciting user experience and promote participation and repeat visitation.
Our Solution:
Totino's "Get Behind the Wheel" included several digital elements, including an interactive racing game that let consumers “drive” Clint Boyer's car through an augmented reality feature. A Totino's pizza box was converted into a steering wheel for a truly unique game experience. This, along with a proprietary instant win platform with daily prizes, an ongoing sweepstakes, a competitive leaderboard feature, and custom cartoon animations with Clint Boyer voiceovers created a truly unique, personal experience for consumers.
The program received many awards, including Kroger's "Best in Class" Daytona activation. Leader's contributions also helped increase the value of General Mills to Kroger, earning them Kroger's recognition as "Most Valuable Partner" for all activations.