Why does it seem like so many companies spend all their energy getting prepared and/or executing their initiatives? As discussed in the cannonball blog post, you must also take aim. Here, we’ll discuss how to do that through an example from Spotify.

We recently attended the 99u Conference in NYC, during which I visited Spotify. Of all things, they presented on data-centered design. What does data have to do with design, much less with delivering music to listeners, you ask? To Spotify, it’s everything.

Spotify spends countless hours, dollars, and resources on their aim – that is, on gathering intelligence to make their product smarter, better, and more aligned with what their consumers want. They ask the same three questions over and over…What do we want to learn? How do we get the data? How do we interpret results? They understand that their aim is the key to success.

If you’re leaving “aim” out of the “ready, aim, fire” equation, chances are very good that your dollars and resources could be used much more wisely. Are your marketing efforts haphazard like a shotgun – sprayed in many different directions in hopes of hitting something? Or, like Spotify, are your initiatives focused like a rifle – precise, objective-based, and on-target?

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