As I was reading about the newest technology coming out of CES 2014 (including a toothbrush that critiques your brushing technique), I began to think about what it really means to be an early adopter. What are the risks vs. the rewards?

We’re excited to experiment with our shiny new iBeacons and be some of the first to try new ways to incorporate infinity augmented reality into just about anything. It may seem innovative and “cool”, but what is the real benefit of being an early adopter? Why would anyone risk their time and hard-earned money just to be one of the first to try the latest app, social network or digital currency?

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An ad spot caught me by surprise the other day. In a nice departure from “Mayhem”, Leo Burnett for Allstate Insurance has developed the “Good Life Anthem” campaign. This is a positive shift from their longstanding, fear-leveraging “Mayhem” campaign.

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I recently got a new car and the whole process went surprisingly smooth. The dealership handled all of the Georgia tag & plate information and very quickly I was on my way in the new ride. The dealership was so accommodating that I figured all would occur without a hitch. I’d drive away in my beautiful “new to me” car, and I’d be looking great. After three weeks of driving around with a temporary tag, this arrived in the mail…

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We all have them. Membership in a Shopper Loyalty Program—the fob, the app, or the card itself. We’ve all seen key chains littered with myriad fobs, but retail stores are perhaps those most in abundance.

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A while back there was an Isuzu spot that featured a rather expressive child who bucked a system that instructed her to “Stay between the lines. The lines are our friends.” Isuzu figured that the Rodeo SUV provided an experience that was outside the lines—bucking the system of other auto manufacturers.

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Welcome to the Leader blog. We want to invite you into the types of conversations that we are having with our clients, and in doing so, give you a window into our marketing point of view.

We ask our clients big questions to define small moments.

We ask “why do you exist?”—because it’s not about putting the frozen pizza in the oven; it’s about creating family moments without the stress of cleaning up afterward.

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