Fuel to the Fire

In a previous post about drawing lines, we shared the importance of a defined sandbox to think within. Inside those boundaries is where limits are pushed, and creativity and imagination come alive.

And what’s going on outside those boundaries fuels the inside.

The other day I was fortunate to share a bite to eat and have conversation with some colleagues and Atlanta-based designer, Alvin Diec. Amongst some of the dialogue, we discussed the benefit of external, impassioned exposure to what’s outside of direct industry-related content and experience, and how it brings perspective and freshness to our work. Be it Literature, History, Sport, etc., when passion is instilled and acted upon, it brings inspiration into our lives—and that inspiration keeps freshness in our craft.

I spend a good bit of time doing volunteer work for the Atlanta Mission, supporting their work to end homelessness in our city. I’ve found that not only does this volunteerism provide a service and encouragement to others, but also strengthens my own spirit. In addition, it brings inspiration, energy, and cultural and socio-economic perspective to my professional work as well.

When we bring outside inspiration into our sandbox, we fuel the freedom of expression within strategic borders—and in turn, unearth richer, fresher, more impactful creative development.

What are you doing outside that impacts the inside?

by: Rick Fossum

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