Drawing the Lines

A while back there was an Isuzu spot that featured a rather expressive child who bucked a system that instructed her to “Stay between the lines. The lines are our friends.” Isuzu figured that the Rodeo SUV provided an experience that was outside the lines—bucking the system of other auto manufacturers.

While off-roading allows for rogue excitement, lines play an important role in developing effective concept and creative. Taking the time to create boundary lines, via insight-based, brand-focused, strategy, creates a sandbox to unearth answers. This structured space provides a place to imagine, uncover right concepts, and establish focused creative.

Convention tells us we should “think outside the box”. However, when developing effective shopper marketing concepts and campaigns, you need to have a defined sandbox to think within. Consumers are bombarded both in and out of store with messaging. Your brand’s message must not only cut through this clutter, but also reach your consumer in a relevant way—and this requires lines—a defined space from which to resolve a shopper’s needs through an effective creative process.

It may contrast conventional thinking, but the Isuzu antihero had it right when he stated, “Stay between the lines. The lines are our friends.”

by: Rick Fossum

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