Creativity that matters: it’s not the cannon or the cannonball, it’s the aim

Our value proposition to clients is very simple:  we deliver creativity at speed that matters.

Every word in that phrase counts.  While mostly straightforward and self-evident, it is the collection of capabilities that we believe knit together into a unique competitive advantage.

“Deliver” requires our account team to execute every client request with the same level of excellence, no matter the agreed upon scope or turn time required.

“Creativity” is the work – plain and simple.  It is how we see fit to communicate a client’s message through words and images across different media.

“At speed” is the nature of shopper marketing.  The creative that changed shopper behavior last week might require a shift this week.

“That matters” is the crux of the issue.  Art for art’s sake will win the award, but it might not win the wallet.  Last time I asked a client, they stated they’d rather move  more cases than decorate their shelf.

If you told the guy behind the cannon to stuff the cannonball into the cannon & just fire away, chances for impact will plummet if precision is required.  Our clients are requiring more and more precision as they seek to capture specific shopper segments and cut through the clutter of messages the shopper is bombarded with thousands of times a day.

The creative brief is the transaction where Strategy must give the gunner the right coordinates to land the  most accurate hit  (on perception, trips, baskets).  Our team leverages four pillars to deliver a tight sandbox: brand position, category considerations, consumer (both need & behavior), and suggested tactics.

Our work, our creative, must matter.  It must achieve the desired impact.  If it doesn’t, the buck doesn’t just stop with the creative.  Start by questioning your aim; make your strategy team earn their keep.

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