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It’s no revelation that as marketers, we strive to “lead with insights.”  In reality, insight is simply the capacity to gain an accurate and intuitive understanding of something – anything.  In a world where there is over 3 zettabytes of information, one would think that insights rain down upon anyone willing to close their umbrella and receive the gift of information.   But, “big data” does not always translate into “big insights”.

With so much information available to us, it’s easy to believe that even a revolutionary new marketing strategy, coupled with brilliant creative and flawless activation, would still have some semblance of “connecting the dots.”  Even if it hasn’t been done before, shouldn’t we be able to predict outcome to some extent?  How many people will sign up?  How much product will we sell?

While we are blessed to live in the age of information discovery and predictive analytics, I think it’s safe to say that the future is still somewhat unpredictable.  How consumers respond to brand messaging, marketing campaigns, and the tactics we use to support them will constantly change.  So why shouldn’t our insights?

The beautiful thing about digital activation is that we can start with insights (based on available data), determine new information we need to collect, and optimize tactics along the way.

Let’s say we’ve seen success with a certain campaign strategy in the past, however we just don’t know how well mobile tactics will perform within this year’s activation plan.  This is the perfect time to lead with mobile strategy. We can plan multiple mobile tactics, each with variations, always keeping non-mobile alternatives in the mix.  Constantly measuring interactions and making micro-adjustments will allow each iteration of these tactics to be optimized during the campaign.

Done right, we’ve not only improved the consumer’s experience and successfully executed an optimized version of the campaign, we’ve also filled gaps in data, and ideally… created new insights.

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