In their recent ad campaign Sherwin-Williams takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey of color. The spot is a visual trip of color and music—insert Jerry Garcia reference here—that showcases Sherwin-William’s portfolio of paint color.

What Sherwin Williams’ agency has done is that they’ve identified their clients’ product in a different way. It’s not paint. It’s color. While this is not necessarily new in the paint world, they have leveraged color in a way that visually captivates potential shoppers.

There’s a lot of theory behind the emotional connection and perceived beliefs we associate to color. We know that Red is extreme and powerful, Green is, well, “green.” And so on. Leveraging the emotions and beliefs of color is a benefit to anyone trying to sell anything to anybody.

Fortunately for Sherwin Williams, their content is color—lots of them. But for most companies, when choosing color for a brand or marketing campaign, they’re choosing an emotional connection to their consumers. So how do you find the color for your content? In the work we do, we look to uncover a unique story that connects not only functionally (the paint), but emotionally (the color) to consumers. And with this story, we paint beautiful marketing pictures.

What’s the color for your content?

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