Big Questions for Small Moments

Welcome to the Leader blog. We want to invite you into the types of conversations that we are having with our clients, and in doing so, give you a window into our marketing point of view.

We ask our clients big questions to define small moments.

We ask “why do you exist?”—because it’s not about putting the frozen pizza in the oven, it’s about creating family moments without the stress of cleaning up afterward.

We ask “what makes you different?”—because it’s not just about a better iChat experience, it’s about delivering a human connection in a way your competition can’t.

We ask “why does the consumer need you?”—because it’s not just about the shoes, it’s about realizing the hope of running the for the rest of your life.

We believe these questions are the pillars to authentically engage your consumer.

On these pillars you build a sustainable, profitable brand.

On these pillars we build and execute a plan to leverage the marketing tools of art, promotion, and communication to reach and engage the consumer in small moments.

Without these pillars, marketing tools become subjective and haphazard. Without them, every new trend threatens your brand.

What is driving your brand? Are you stopping to ask the right questions?

by: Jonathan Bolden

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